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As part of the accredited elite, only Peopletrail® combines superior customer service through dedicated screening specialists with efficient, state-of-the-art technology integration to deliver on-demand, accurate, and timely consumer reporting results. 

Trusted and respected by government agencies and Fortune 500 to small up-and-coming businesses, Peopletrail provides Actionable insight you trust.®

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Basic Plans

Peopletrail provides a broad selection of background screening solutions. The following represents the most frequent employment and background screening plans provided by Peopletrail for employers. There may be services you need that are unique to your industry and business environment. Additional employment screening solutions are available and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs.

AIS Standard 10 Pt Background Investigation

  • Recommended for entry level positions and call center type employees.
  • Ideal for performing a broad “Due Diligence Screening”
  • Best when budget is tight and attrition is high.
  • Consists of 10 distinctive points of criminal history relevance & identity authentication (FCRA Compliant).

AIS Advanced 16 Pt Background Investigation

  • Ideal for mid-level positions involving a complex range of responsibilities.
  • Broad scale, 16 point evaluation that can be narrowed to multiple county and federal jurisdictions.
  • Contains all components from the Traditional 10 Point Investigations (FCRA Compliant).
  • Includes an additional six points of criminal history relevance.

AIS Comprehensive 21 Pt Background Investigation

  • Complete 21 point pre-employment screening solution when a thorough scrubbing of an individual’s background is required.
  • Designed to uncover all criminal activity including Federal, State, County Municipal, and International jurisdictions.
  • Includes all components from Advanced 16 Pint Analysis (FCRA Compliant).
  • Non-criminal element are added to this package such as MVR reports and verification products.