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“The real value with Peopletrail is their ability to address our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. Our clients need to get officials assigned as quickly as possible. They expect the best, and they expect it with speed. They also expect us to always be improving. Peopletrail brings this. “ 

-Arbiter Sports

Peopletrail has helped organizations large and small establish and manage their background screening programs. There are a number of compliance matters, and many legal and practical issues, that should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance with employment law.

This checklist will help you identify gaps in your background and employment screening programs. While not all of these items may apply to your screening program, the list provides an apt starting point for evaluation and discussion.

Peopletrail’s Actionable Insight Screening (AIS) secures accurate comprehensive background check results. This process combines integrated technology and trained specialists to ensure swift turnaround-times and refined results. With human-filtered insights to increase precision and compliance, Peopletrail streamlines the screening process.