Weak drug testing programs can fail to detect illegal drug abuse, and that puts your company at risk.

The dedicated screening specialists at Peopletrail bring in-depth, personalized attention to your unique environment.  Our flexible, tailored drug testing  solutions adapt to organizations of all sizes.  We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to our clients of all industries, each with their own unique environment and needs.

Together, we work as a partnership to ensure that you are compliant in your unique business environment and that you achieve your screening objectives.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires employers to screen for drugs as a part of the application process. Those employees (and prospective employees) are tested in compliance with Rule 49 CFR Part 40. While certain details may vary, the following DOT divisions conduct drug screening:

  1. FHWA – Federal Highway Administration
  2. MARAD – Maritime Administration
  3. FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
  4. PHMSA – Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (under the Research and Special Projects Administration [RSPA])
  5. FRA – Federal Railroad Administration

Peopletrail helps you choose drug screening services that comply with all federal mandates and regulations to assist with their pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, or follow-up screenings.

Peopletrail has a well established, professional, and nationwide network of collection points for drug screening services. Our nationwide network provides you with a convenient and simple process.  Agents conduct urine drug tests and send test samples to the laboratory.

Peopletrail and our professional network make ourselves available to provide expert testimony. Typically, this is done via telephone during administrative hearings—however, we will travel to the court if necessary.

We also retain a copy of all drug-testing records (chain of custody, laboratory reports, MRO reviews, etc.) for a period of five years. If a legal issue were to arise, Peopletrail can provide complete documentation relating to the particular test.

For employees who are hiring positions that handle large amounts of cash flow, testing applicants at additional levels ensures quality hires.  Hair testing is especially helpful for Casinos, Bio Companies, and retail establishments.  Whereas urine tests accurately portray the donor’s immediate lifestyle, hair tests can portray a three-month window of drug testing.  Upon request, a complete hair-testing program can be implemented. We provide this service in addition to the urine testing programs required by federal regulations.

Peopletrail uses only board certified Medical Review Officers who currently hold certification through The American Association of Medical Review Officers. All MRO’s utilized have an excellent knowledge of MRO regulation and provide expert guidance regarding compliance issues.

Non-U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated businesses can set up any variety of drug screening services for their business. Since those many businesses are governed only by internal policies, Peopletrail will customize a drug screening solution that fits your needs.

Businesses test their employees or potential employees for drugs to keep drug abusers out of their workplace and to maintain the safety of other workers. Choose Peopletrail drug screening services to coordinate pre-employment, random, return-to-duty, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, or follow-up screenings.

Immediately following the collection, our staff ships the samples to the laboratories via overnight courier service. This allows for the quickest possible turn-around time.

Peopletrail performs random drug tests quarterly or monthly based on the required rate set by DOT or individual business standards.

Our screening specialists monitor this program to make certain that the correct numbers of tests are performed. Employee rosters and pools are updated on a regular basis. A customized random computer selection program chooses the individuals that are required to submit to a random drug test.

We can provide rapid turnaround time through five different means of reporting. They include the following:

  •   Secured fax
  •   Automated e-mail
  •   Secure Internet site
  •   Telephone call by client service representative

Peopletrail provides training about substance abuse detection and prevention. A training provider from Peopletrail will prepare and present interactive lectures and discussions based on your needs. DOT Drug Screening training is also available upon request.

We recommend conducting training to educate employees about substance abuse detection and prevention.

Peopletrail provides comprehensive training services. An experienced member of our training team will share their extensive knowledge of substance abuse detection and prevention in a series of informative lectures and interactive discussion groups. Additionally, we can provide you with the required DOT training upon request.

online substance abuse courses

We help you create an effective and efficient pre-employment screening program that complies with all federal and state requirements. Let us help you ensure a drug-free workplace.

For a comprehensive list of services and products, please contact us to learn more.