A verification ensures that applicants have the qualifications and backgrounds that you need.

Peopletrail brings in-depth, personalized attention to your unique environment.  Our flexible, tailored solutions adapt to organizations of all sizes.  We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to our clients of all industries, each with their own unique environment and needs.

The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a database search of commercial driver’s licenses in many states.

This background check verifies that an applicant has a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This service can also be used as a pre-pull tool for criminal searches. It may indicate that an applicant lived or worked in states besides those reported on an employment application.

The Driving Records contains state driving record information dating back at least three years and possibly up to five years.

We recommend this report to businesses that rely on employees driving a vehicle. Whether employees drive a personal or company vehicle, an employer may be liable for their actions. Gain peace of mind by obtaining a driving record for all employees with driving responsibilities. Driving records can also verify identity by confirming a date of birth and a middle name.

Peopletrail directly verifies an applicant’s highest level of achievement. This includes dates of attendance, graduation dates, major course study, degrees earned, GPA, and any special achievements. Unless otherwise specified, we only confirm the highest degree achieved.

An important aspect of medical screening is compliance with Medicaid Sanction requirements.  Medicaid Sanctions are often referred to as Excluded Party List, Medicare, Sanctions, Medicaid/Medicare Fraud Reports, OIG Denied Parties, or List of Excluded Individuals/Entities.

Federal law imposes these sanctions on individuals who have misused funds or who have fraudulently obtained assistance from Medicaid, Medicare, or another federally funded health care program. These sanctions exclude applicants from participating in Medicaid, Medicare, childcare, social services, and all federal health care programs. Peopletrail accesses this important check to see if an applicant has such sanctions.

A Military History is a verification of service in the military obtained through the National Personnel Records Center. A copy of the full military record is available as well as a copy of the DD214 (discharge summary).

We reccomend checking the Military History of applicants to avoid resume fraud or to get more information about an applicant’s background.

This is a manual check of applicant-reported personal references. Questions can be customized to meet a client’s specific needs. Clients often wish to check on applicants to gain insight into the candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency, qualifications, and integrity. Direct verification of personal relationships is a valuable source of information about a potential applicant’s general image as perceived by others.

Peopletrail directly verifies professional licenses. These may include licenses relating to physicians, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, real estate, finance, CPAs, and attorneys.

Our screening specialists directly verify information with state or federal licensing boards. The report includes the date of licensing, type of license, license number, expiration date, complaints filed, and disciplinary action.

Certain professions use Professional License Verification as a part of an overall background check to avoid resume fraud and ensure appropriate qualifications.

This is a manual check of applicant-reported professional references. Questions can be customized to meet a client’s specific needs. Our valued clients often wish to check professional references to gain insight into the candidate’s work ethic, ability to get along with others, job skills, and trustworthiness. Direct verification of professional references is a valuable source of information about a potential applicant’s image as perceived by supervisors, co-workers, or others.

FACIS is a Healthcare Compliance Search this search is for Doctors, Nurses, Trained Medical Staff and Students in clinical placement. It includes information on disciplinary actions, exclusions, debarments, letters of reprimand and probation.

Peopletrail offers this service as a low-cost alternative for non-profit and volunteer organizations. This screening solution can determine a pattern of criminal behavior and identify and past sexually-related offenses. This check is specially designed for individuals that might work with children or other vulnerable groups.

The Volunteer Check searches many databases including the Department of Corrections, state, county court records, and sex offender records.

A Worker’s Compensation Report identifies an applicant’s history of Worker’s Compensation Claims while on the job.

This information does not prevent the hiring of a person with a previous injury.

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