A background check is essential to finding the best candidates for your business. Taking the time to find the right person is always worth it. Due diligence is always rewarded.

Our Screening Specialists help you make better hiring decisions by manually searching through records. No matter the results of a background check, we’ll help you make sense of the most relevant information. We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to our clients of all industries, each with their own unique environment and needs.

Both upper and lower courts provide county civil court records, based on the dollar amount of the action. The dollar amount criteria varies by state and county.

Our screening specialists search chosen jurisdictions by hand reviewing court records in any of the 3,347 counties in the United States. The investigation provides relatively fast access to the most up-to-date information possible.

Cases held at the county level include felonies and misdemeanors as well as criminal traffic offenses.

(Includes all counties in past 7 years) – This search commonly referred to as the GOLD STANDARD Criminal search and is a FCRA Compliant product. Peopletrail currently searches each jurisdiction the applicant has worked, lived, gone to school, in the past 7 years. Our extensive network of 3000 + independent court researchers provide a hand search through county court records to locate any records of conviction, and arrests as allowed by state law. Records checked through each jurisdiction include state felonies, state misdemeanors, federal felonies and federal misdemeanors. Peopletrail believes the most accurate method of securing criminal record information is by accessing this information at the county level.

Peopletrail is a licensed and bonded Private Investigative Agency with a dedicated Corporate Investigative Division. Our experienced undercover investigators effectively assist clients to investigate and prevent matters of employee misconduct. This includes violations of code of conduct, financial fraud or corruption, expense abuse, procurement fraud, third-party fraud or abuses, whistle-blower complaints, and subpoenas from the DOJ or the SEC.

Peopletrail will employ a variety of service offerings including physical security consulting, sting operations, employee interviews, bug-sweeping, and computer network investigations for companies uncovering evidence of corporate theft rings, harassment, and other security-related operations.

This detailed and developed reference check goes back several years to look at personal and professional performance.  Often overlooked by many companies,  this service is your best screening solution for high investment candidates.  This background screening solution is valued by corporations to ensure the best candidate is hired for an important role of responsibility within the organization.

Federal Civil actions relate to federal statutes including EEOC, EPA, Treasury or Securities and Exchange Commission fraud, Civil Rights, etc. These results may also include civil causes of action that cross state lines with dollar amounts exceeding $10,000.

Records at the federal level may uncover potentially important criminal information that was not prosecuted or recorded at the county or state level. This information can include securities and tax law violations, immigration, weapons, interstate drug crimes, and civil rights violations.

A Global Homeland Security Search is a search of a database compiled from lists provided by U.S. and various international governmental agencies of individuals who may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, and fugitives from justice. Information may include date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, employment or group membership or affiliation.

Results return from the following lists: Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List; Bank of England Sanctions List; Debarred Parties List; Denied Persons List; European Union Terrorism Sanctions List; FDA List; Fugitive Lists- (FBI Most Wanted, U.S. Marshals Most Wanted, Secret Service Most Wanted, and the DEA Fugitives list); Health and Human Services Exclusion List; Interpol Most Wanted; Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC); Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) List; OFSI (Canadian Sanctions List); Palestinian Legislative Council List; Politically Exposed Persons List; United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List; US General Services Administration Excluded Parties List; World Bank Listing of Ineligible Individuals.

The Global Homeland Security Search screens for criminals that are dangerous or wanted by international agencies, rather than just those with criminal records. This background screening service may also serve as a quick international database search.

Peopletrail provides a wide selection of screening services in over 200 countries across the globe.  We work to ensure our global providers follow government policy and cultural protocols.

Peopletrail has a dedicated team that understands the complexities, regulations, and compliance requirements of the government.  This defined, structured, high stakes environment requires a dedicated partner with specialized solutions.  Our dedicated account managers work with you to understand your regulations and develop a screening solution that keeps you compliant.

To cast a broader net and minimize costs, Peopletrail offers InstaCriminal database searches on a national and statewide level.  Using our secure website, this search returns many reports instantly. Our simple tools also keep you informed of the exact status of pending reports.

County criminal records are available from all fifty states, and many international records can be ordered as well. Real-time criminal checks are available from 39 states. A current background check could make the difference between hiring an excellent employee and sending away the one that shouldn’t be working for you. It can mean the difference between a safe environment and a dangerous one.

An InstaEviction Records Search is a database search of eviction records for tenant screening purposes. Because eviction records do not show up on a credit report, this search provides valuable information for prospective landlords.

Prospective landlords are interested in any unreported evictions as a way to screen potentially harmful or non-paying tenants.

Interpol Search – This is a search of a list of internationally wanted individuals, mostly criminals listed on the international police registries.

An International Criminal Records Search utilizes international criminal researchers for possible criminal activity in foreign lands. Due to the large number of countries researched and the complexities of international law, this product’s pricing, and availability of reports vary greatly.

If you need to check criminal records in foreign jurisdictions, this service will help find criminal activity outside of the United States.

This is a cost-effective way to check criminal records in the multiple counties that encompass many larger metropolitan areas. Where available, you can elect to execute a metro area search to obtain criminal court records from the counties within that metro area. We will perform county criminal searches at a combined cost that is less than ordering the individual counties.

This is a search of known terrorists, and individuals who may pose a terrorist threat to the United States of America. Although the Patriot Act doesn’t cover background checks for employment purposes, some clients have chosen to search the OFAC database. This database is maintained by the Department of Treasury and identifies individuals and organizations which have been sanctioned and whose assets are subject to freezing. The purpose of this database is to prevent businesses from providing financial support to terroristic and drug trafficking foreign nationals and organizations. In the event that a candidate’s name is found on this list, the client is required to notify the Department of the Treasury.

This search will provide you with peace of mind and help ensure a safer working environment. Federal law requires sex offenders to register in the state they reside. However, not all states provide this information to the public.

Our screening specialists work with you to determine which type of search will bring the most effective results. Details of the results may include identifiers, registered address, aliases, case numbers, charges, conviction details, and period of incarceration.

Our dedicated account managers will work with you to determine which state repository returns the best results for your needs. When needed, a repository search can frequently provide a cost-effective way to cover the entire state.

In some states, counties submit criminal data to a state repository. The data submitted varies by state–some states collect all data from all counties, while other states may only collect arrest or felony data. In addition, some counties may not provide data to the state, mainly due to lack of computer automation.

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