Many leading companies and government organizations hire Peopletrail® to provide background and screening solutions with efficiency, quick turnaround, and insight they know they can trust. The loyalty of our diverse clientele is a testament to our personalized attention and ability to provide customized employment screening solutions to a variety of industries.

The dedicated screening specialists at Peopletrail brings in-depth personalized attention to your unique environment.  Our flexible, tailored screening solutions adapt to organizations of all sizes.  We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to our clients of all industries, each with their own unique environment and needs.

From employment screening, criminal background checks, drug screening, tenant screening, ATS integrations and more, Peopletrail is fully capable of meeting all your background check and screening needs.

Credit and Identity

Peopletrail reviews credit histories by obtaining a credit bureau report from our online access to the three major credit bureau reporting systems.

When considering an applicant for a sensitive position, it is important to have a clear and concise profile. Credit reports can reveal factors relating to financial irresponsibility. In addition, credit reports uncover any possible identity or resume fraud by revealing name variations, historical addresses, and past employment information.

A credit report for employment purposes does not include FICO scores and does not affect the FICO score or display to creditors.

A person search can further research and confirm application information and is not a report. This search provides consumer-identifying information obtained from non-credit-report sources.

This report will assist in validating the applicant’s social security number, name variations, DOB, current and previous addresses. Identity variations may include aliases, maiden and misspelled names or names of consumers who have changed their identity.

This search helps uncover any possible identity and resume fraud by revealing name variations, and historical addresses. These discrepincies are invaluable to discovering additional jurisdictions and names to search when ordering criminal history profiles. Often applicants try to hide criminal backgrounds by not listing areas of residence where a conviction occurred or sometimes commit crimes traveling through jurisdictions other than their residence.

This search provides consumer-identifying information obtained from confidential credit-report sources. This search assists in validating the applicant’s social security number by identifying numbers not issued by the Social Security Administration or that were filed with death claim.

SSN Search offers you instant access to up-to-date consumer identifying information. This search also helps uncover any possible identity and resume fraud by revealing name variations, aliases, date of birth, historical addresses, and past employment information.

A FCRA version SSN Search for employment creates a soft inquiry to the applicant’s credit file that does not affect the FICO score or display to creditors.

Fraud Detection Service alerts you to potentially fraudulent activity found in the social security number and address information. It instantly recognizes warning signs such as Social Security numbers recorded as deceased, non-issued, out of range or invalid; cautions and high-risk addresses.

This search helps uncover any possible identity or resume fraud by revealing name variations and historical addresses.


The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a database search of commercial driver’s licenses in many states.

This background check verifies that an applicant has a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This service can also be used as a pre-pull tool for criminal searches. It may indicate that an applicant lived or worked in states besides those reported on an employment application.

The Driving Records contains state driving record information dating back at least three years and possibly up to five years.

We recommend this report to businesses that rely on employees driving a vehicle. Whether employees drive a personal or company vehicle, an employer may be liable for their actions. Gain peace of mind by obtaining a driving record for all employees with driving responsibilities. Driving records can also verify identity by confirming a date of birth and a middle name.

Peopletrail directly verifies an applicant’s highest level of achievement. This includes dates of attendance, graduation dates, major course study, degrees earned, GPA, and any special achievements. Unless otherwise specified, we only confirm the highest degree achieved.

An important aspect of medical screening is compliance with Medicaid Sanction requirements.  Medicaid Sanctions are often referred to as Excluded Party List, Medicare, Sanctions, Medicaid/Medicare Fraud Reports, OIG Denied Parties, or List of Excluded Individuals/Entities.

Federal law imposes these sanctions on individuals who have misused funds or who have fraudulently obtained assistance from Medicaid, Medicare, or another federally funded health care program. These sanctions exclude applicants from participating in Medicaid, Medicare, childcare, social services, and all federal health care programs. Peopletrail accesses this important check to see if an applicant has such sanctions.

A Military History is a verification of service in the military obtained through the National Personnel Records Center. A copy of the full military record is available as well as a copy of the DD214 (discharge summary).

We reccomend checking the Military History of applicants to avoid resume fraud or to get more information about an applicant’s background.

Peopletrail directly verifies professional licenses. These may include licenses relating to physicians, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, real estate, finance, CPAs, and attorneys.

Our screening specialists directly verify information with state or federal licensing boards. The report includes the date of licensing, type of license, license number, expiration date, complaints filed, and disciplinary action.

Certain professions use Professional License Verification as a part of an overall background check to avoid resume fraud and ensure appropriate qualifications.

Drug Screening

Our dedicated screening specialists learn the specific needs of each client. Together, we work as a partnership to ensure that you are compliant in your unique business environment and that you achieve your screening objectives. When Peopletrail generates the random selections, our representatives play a proactive role in getting the collections completed. They ship the supplies to the sites, communicate with the collectors, and answer any questions you might have regarding a particular test.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires employers to screen for drugs as a part of the application process. Those employees (and prospective employees) are tested in compliance with Rule 49 CFR Part 40. While certain details may vary, the following DOT divisions conduct drug screening:

  1. FHWA – Federal Highway Administration
  2. MARAD – Maritime Administration
  3. FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
  4. PHMSA – Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (under the Research and Special Projects Administration [RSPA])
  5. FRA – Federal Railroad Administration

Peopletrail helps you choose drug screening services that comply with all federal mandates and regulations to assist with their pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, or follow-up screenings.

Peopletrail has a well established, professional, and nationwide network of collection points for drug screening services. Our nationwide network provides you with a convenient and simple process.  Agents conduct urine drug tests and send test samples to the laboratory.

Peopletrail and our professional network make ourselves available to provide expert testimony. Typically, this is done via telephone during administrative hearings—however, we will travel to the court if necessary.

We also retain a copy of all drug-testing records (chain of custody, laboratory reports, MRO reviews, etc.) for a period of five years. If a legal issue were to arise, Peopletrail can provide complete documentation relating to the particular test.

For employees who are hiring positions that handle large amounts of cash flow, testing applicants at additional levels ensures quality hires.  Hair testing is especially helpful for Casinos, Bio Companies, and retail establishments.  Whereas urine tests accurately portray the donor’s immediate lifestyle, hair tests can portray a three-month window of drug testing.  Upon request, a complete hair-testing program can be implemented. We provide this service in addition to the urine testing programs required by federal regulations.

Peopletrail uses only board certified Medical Review Officers who currently hold certification through The American Association of Medical Review Officers. All MRO’s utilized have an excellent knowledge of MRO regulation and provide expert guidance regarding compliance issues.

Non-U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated businesses can set up any variety of drug screening services for their business. Since those many businesses are governed only by internal policies, Peopletrail will customize a drug screening solution that fits your needs.

Businesses test their employees or potential employees for drugs to keep drug abusers out of their workplace and to maintain the safety of other workers. Choose Peopletrail drug screening services to coordinate pre-employment, random, return-to-duty, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, or follow-up screenings.

Immediately following the collection, our staff ships the samples to the laboratories via overnight courier service. This allows for the quickest possible turn-around time.

Peopletrail performs random drug tests quarterly or monthly based on the required rate set by DOT or individual business standards.

Our screening specialists monitor this program to make certain that the correct numbers of tests are performed. Employee rosters and pools are updated on a regular basis. A customized random computer selection program chooses the individuals that are required to submit to a random drug test.

We can provide rapid turnaround time through five different means of reporting. They include the following:

  •   Secured fax
  •   Automated e-mail
  •   Secure Internet site
  •   Telephone call by client service representative

Peopletrail provides training about substance abuse detection and prevention. A training provider from Peopletrail will prepare and present interactive lectures and discussions based on your needs. DOT Drug Screening training is also available upon request.

We recommend conducting training to educate employees about substance abuse detection and prevention.

Peopletrail provides comprehensive training services. An experienced member of our training team will share their extensive knowledge of substance abuse detection and prevention in a series of informative lectures and interactive discussion groups. Additionally, we can provide you with the required DOT training upon request.

We help you create an effective and efficient pre-employment screening program that complies with all federal and state requirements. Let us help you ensure a drug-free workplace.


Both upper and lower courts provide county civil court records, based on the dollar amount of the action. The dollar amount criteria varies by state and county.

Our screening specialists search chosen jurisdictions by hand reviewing court records in any of the 3,347 counties in the United States. The investigation provides relatively fast access to the most up-to-date information possible.

Cases held at the county level include felonies and misdemeanors as well as criminal traffic offenses.

Peopletrail is a licensed and bonded Private Investigative Agency with a dedicated Corporate Investigative Division. Our experienced undercover investigators effectively assist your investigations to prevent matters of misconduct, including violations of codes of conduct, financial fraud or corruption, expense abuse, procurement fraud, third-party fraud or abuses, whistle-blower complaints, and subpoenas from the DOJ or the SEC. Peopletrail employs a variety of service offerings including physical security consulting, sting operations, employee interviews, bug-sweeping, and computer network investigations for companies uncovering evidence of corporate theft rings, harassment, and other security-related operations.

Federal Civil actions relate to federal statutes including EEOC, EPA, Treasury or Securities and Exchange Commission fraud, Civil Rights, etc. These results may also include civil causes of action that cross state lines with dollar amounts exceeding $10,000.

Records at the federal level may uncover potentially important criminal information that was not prosecuted or recorded at the county or state level. This information can include securities and tax law violations, immigration, weapons, interstate drug crimes, and civil rights violations.

A Global Homeland Security Search is a search of a database compiled from lists provided by U.S. and various international governmental agencies of individuals who may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, and fugitives from justice. Information may include date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, employment or group membership or affiliation.

Results return from the following lists: Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List; Bank of England Sanctions List; Debarred Parties List; Denied Persons List; European Union Terrorism Sanctions List; FDA List; Fugitive Lists- (FBI Most Wanted, U.S. Marshals Most Wanted, Secret Service Most Wanted, and the DEA Fugitives list); Health and Human Services Exclusion List; Interpol Most Wanted; Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC); Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) List; OFSI (Canadian Sanctions List); Palestinian Legislative Council List; Politically Exposed Persons List; United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List; US General Services Administration Excluded Parties List; World Bank Listing of Ineligible Individuals.

The Global Homeland Security Search screens for criminals that are dangerous or wanted by international agencies, rather than just those with criminal records. This background screening service may also serve as a quick international database search.

To cast a broader net and minimize costs, Peopletrail offers InstaCriminal database searches on a national and statewide level.  Using our secure website, this search returns many reports instantly. Our simple tools also keep you informed of the exact status of pending reports.

County criminal records are available from all fifty states, and many international records can be ordered as well. Real-time criminal checks are available from 39 states. A current background check could make the difference between hiring an excellent employee and sending away the one that shouldn’t be working for you. It can mean the difference between a safe environment and a dangerous one.

An InstaEviction Records Search is a database search of eviction records for tenant screening purposes. Because eviction records do not show up on a credit report, this search provides valuable information for prospective landlords.

Prospective landlords are interested in any unreported evictions as a way to screen potentially harmful or non-paying tenants.

An International Criminal Records Search utilizes international criminal researchers for possible criminal activity in foreign lands. Due to the large number of countries researched and the complexities of international law, this product’s pricing, and availability of reports vary greatly.

If you need to check criminal records in foreign jurisdictions, this service will help find criminal activity outside of the United States.

This is a cost-effective way to check criminal records in the multiple counties that encompass many larger metropolitan areas. Where available, you can elect to execute a metro area search to obtain criminal court records from the counties within that metro area. We will perform county criminal searches at a combined cost that is less than ordering the individual counties.

This search will provide you with peace of mind and help ensure a safer working environment. Federal law requires sex offenders to register in the state they reside. However, not all states provide this information to the public.

Our screening specialists work with you to determine which type of search will bring the most effective results. Details of the results may include identifiers, registered address, aliases, case numbers, charges, conviction details, and period of incarceration.

Our dedicated account managers will work with you to determine which state repository returns the best results for your needs. When needed, a repository search can frequently provide a cost-effective way to cover the entire state.

In some states, counties submit criminal data to a state repository. The data submitted varies by state–some states collect all data from all counties, while other states may only collect arrest or felony data. In addition, some counties may not provide data to the state, mainly due to lack of computer automation.


Age Verification is used when a criminal report is run but the birthdate does not match. Our screening specialists will then use a driving record  to verify the applicant’s age.  If the dates do not match then further investigation is recommended.

An Employment Verification is a manual check of applicant-reported employment references.  Businesses often need to check employment history of applicants to avoid resume fraud or to get input from a previous employer.

This detailed and developed reference check goes back several years to look at personal and professional performance.  Often overlooked by many companies,  this service is your best screening solution for high investment candidates.  This background screening solution is valued by corporations to ensure the best candidate is hired for an important role of responsibility within the organization.

Medical teams who work with different populations need to make sure they are not passing around diseases and sickness to their susceptible patients.  It’s also imperative that medical providers are in compliance with Medicaid Sanction requirements. Peopletrail provides the necessary verification of immunization and medical records to keep you compliant and help you make the right hiring decisions to be part of your medical team.

A Personal Reference Verification is a manual check of applicant-reported personal references. Our screening specialists will customize the questions to meet your specific needs.

We recommend checking an applicant’s personal references to gain insight into the candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency, qualifications, and integrity. Direct verification of personal relationships is a valuable source of information about a potential applicant’s general image as perceived by others.

A Professional Reference Verification is a manual check of applicant-reported professional references. Our screening specialists will customize questions to meet your specific needs.

We recommend checking professional references to gain insight into the candidate’s work ethic, professional relationships, job skills, and trustworthiness. Direct verification of professional references is a valuable source of information about a potential applicant’s image as perceived by supervisors, co-workers, or others.

Residence/Landlord Verification is a manual check of previous landlords or property managers to verify residence, payment, and other tenant-related concerns.

One of the best ways to find tenants likely to pay and care for the property is to ask previous landlords.

Peopltrail offers this service as a low-cost alternative for non-profit and volunteer organizations. This screening solution can determine a pattern of criminal behavior and identify and past sexually-related offenses. This check is specially designed for individuals that might work with children or other vulnerable groups.

The Volunteer Check searches many databases including the Department of Corrections, state, county court records, and sex offender records.

Post Hire

This convenient service gives your employees the tools to provide proof of income and employment when securing financing or housing, or when applying for a job or government assistance.

Peopletrail provides all of our background and screening solutions as an ongoing screening service. We customize all our programs to ensure compliance and lower the potential risk in the workplace.

A Worker’s Compensation Report identifies an applicant’s history of Worker’s Compensation Claims while on the job.

This information does not prevent the hiring of a person with a previous injury.

Technology Integration

Actionable Insight Screening is the most powerful and easy to use browser-based employment background screening solution in the industry. Order any Actionable Insight Screening report on our secure website. Our webiste delivers instant searches in real-time. Our investigative searches feature the fastest turn around times in the industry and include email notifications upon completion.

The network is ICSA certified, utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption and incorporates multiple security access levels and workgroup hierarchy for the highest degree of flexibility, security and collaboration. This technology minimizes your internal support. If a user can view a web page, they can utilize the system. Run your employment screening needs with no more equipment than you are using to view a web page.

Other Services

Peopletrail provides business screening of companies and its officers.  You conduct background checks on your internal team.  To secure your business investments and objectives you should conduct background checks on all your external relationships.  Peopletrail provides the investigation, helping to avoid jeopardizing your business and providing peace of mine with your important B2B relationships.

Peopletrail provides a quick and accurate evaluation of contractors and their employees.  Reduce your risk and cost and maintain your industry compliance with our dedicated account management team and advanced technology screening solutions.

Peopletrail integrates directly several electronic databases. The Department of Homeland Security and Social Security databases confirm if an employee has a valid Social Security Number. These databases also confirm citizenship information on file. As a post-hire activity,  his screening service is a basic, low-cost identity verification tool.

Peopletrail provides convenient fingerprinting services through our Nationwide Collection Network.  Fingerprinting helps uncover criminal history that may not be discovered through traditional screening methods. It also offers extra protection to help businesses meet industry guidelines, prevent fraud, and stay in compliance.

Peopletrail manages the process and provides the reporting for you.  One vendor, hassle-free, that can be easily integrated into your other background and screening services.

Peopletrail understands the importance of upholding your reputation and protecting your brand.

Our customized solutions for franchises and association creates a consistent background and screening solution for all your entities to reduce liability and risk to your organization.

Peopletrail provides a wide selection of screening services in over 200 countries across the globe.  We work to ensure our global providers follow government policy and cultural protocols.

Peopletrail has a dedicated team that understands the complexities, regulations, and compliance requirements of the government.  This defined, structured, high stakes environment requires a dedicated partner with specialized solutions.  Our dedicated account managers work with you to understand your regulations and develop a screening solution that keeps you compliant.

Federal law requires that employers retain copies of I-9 forms for all employees. Peopletrail provides I-9 Management for clients.

Employers must retain I-9 forms for three years after the date of hire or one year after the date of termination. Additionally, the law requires recruiters and referrers to retain I-9 forms for three years after the date of any hire.

Failure to properly complete and retain the I-9 form subjects employers to civil penalties ranging from $100 to $1,100. This service allows you to store and verify electronic I-9 forms for employees, saving the hassle of storing and maintenance.