At Peopletrail we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Your company isn’t like every other, your employees aren’t like every other, your needs require custom expertise.

Companies in diverse industries have complex compliance rules and regulations. Because of this, Peopletrail trains dedicated Screening Specialists in the issues and regulations facing your specific industry. We don’t approach each background and screening the same. We treat it in a manner that helps keep you in full compliance.

We are your partner in providing criminal screening, credit checks, and employment verifications for any industry

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Peopletrail Background Checks

Custom Expertise


Your business environment is uniquely yours, with requirements specific for your organization.  You need a partner that accommodates your needs and brings a unique, custom expertise for your industry


Every case is reviewed by a Screening Specialist who knows your industry and assists in every step of the process from integration setup to interpretation of data.


You need a business guardian that protects both your financial and human interests—no matter your industry.