Why does “The Human Touch” Matter?

Finding out if someone is a criminal is more of an art than an exact science. Even the best screening companies and technologies on earth can miss a record or report a false positive.

The array of complex industry requirements and the unique environment of an individual company means that background screening isn’t always standardized. Even while using the latest technology, making sure your company is safe can be a long and difficult process.

At Peopletrail®, we understand the importance of accurate, compliant, and timely screening reports. And so, we purposely added another piece to our method.

In addition to the wealth of trusted experience, at our core stems a simple, yet seldom found philosophy in businesses— “people must be part of the process.” At Peopletrail, we pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to every report, management decision, and client relationship.

Peopletrail Drug Screening

What does the Human Touch Mean for Customer Satisfaction?

The Human Touch means that Peopletrail’s relationships with our valued clients deliver more. An added layer of personal review means more accurate results. Our dedicated screening specialists tracking down reports mean more timely updates. The personal evaluation of your customized data means more compliance with your unique conditions.

Most importantly, you receive an accurate product from a quality controlled environment tailored to your specific needs. Your employees aren’t just numbers so we won’t just spit out data.  Because of our commitment to keeping people in the process, we provide Actionable insight you trust®.

These human-filtered insights allow Peopletrail to streamline the screening process to provide swift and precise turnaround-times. This personalized touch has brought Peopletrail to the forefront today as one of the leading providers of screening services.  We offer extended customized solutions and dedicated Screening Specialists that work with you in your unique environment.

We welcome you to give us a try. Request a complimentary consultation and let us show you why not all background checks are the same.