You are expected to be compliant in your industry—shouldn’t the company that screens your employees be compliant as well?

Of the thousands of consumer reporting agencies out there, Peopletrail® is among the 2% percent of consumer reporting companies that is accredited through national certification programs. With a commitment to compliance, we put in the work to keep our practice certified and up-to-date.

At Peopletrail® we pride ourselves on the fact that we not only provide quick and accurate reports, we also act as educating partner when it comes to compliance. We will help guide you in your unique environment and provide customized solutions to help meet your goals.

Before you hire a background and screening provider, check to make sure they are accredited and compliant in their own practices.

Government background checks

Screening Specialists

Our screening specialists are part of Peopletrail’s commitment to providing a human touch and they are our greatest instrument for keeping compliance. Screening specialists will consistently review your case—ensuring that your needs are met. Peopletrail trains these dedicated screening specialists on the compliance issues specific to your industry and environment. Additionally, our ongoing training ensures that we remain the most reliable source for Actionable insight you trust.®


By partnering with national business and regulatory certification programs, Peopletrail is Compliant. NAPBS Accredited.  BBB Accredited.  ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedSOC Compliant.

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