post employment background checks
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In today’s business environment, more and more companies are conducting post-hire employee background checks in order to mitigate company risk. When FCRA compliant, post-hire employee screenings are an effective risk management tool. A candidate who had a clear background at the time of hire may commit crimes years after they have been employed.

Conducting background checks on current employees is a way to demonstrate due diligence. Post-Hire Screening answers several sensitive questions about your employees.

Consider the following 5 reasons you should be conducting post-hire employee background checks:

1. It’s the Law

Because of federal and state mandates, post-employment background checks are required for many employees. For example, the transportation and medical industries are required by law to conduct annual background checks on all current employees to help these employers maintain workplace safety. Post-hire screening is becoming a more regular part of customized screening solutions.

2. Reduce the Risks Associated with Negligent Hiring and Retention Claims

If your organization is not mandated to perform post-hire screenings, you should still be aware of the potential risks of “negligent retention”, which could make your organization directly liable to a third party for negligently retaining an employee. Negligent retention applies when an organization should have known about an employee’s dangerous propensities, yet continued employing the individual. There have been a number of cases supporting negligent retention in the past several years. The choice to perform post-hire employment screenings is a way to demonstrate due diligence and assist in investigations.

3. A Promotion is a Change in Responsibility

Many companies conduct basic screenings for their entry-level candidates. When an employee is rewarded for their job performance, they are often promoted from within and take on new roles and responsibilities. As the level of responsibility grows, so does the risk for the employer if the wrong individual is placed into a position of authority. A simple rescreen for employees being considered for additional levels of responsibility can help the organization mitigate risk and ensure a more secure workplace.

4. Support Internal Affairs Investigations

Although an employee may have a clean background check when hired, anything can happen over the coming years. Some companies make it a policy to perform annual post-hire screenings for all employees, while others implement a company policy stating that an employee will be rescreened if the employee is involved in an internal affairs investigation.

5. Maintain a Safer, More Secure Workplace

Public safety companies perform post-hire employee background screening every five years for a reason. Public service employees are scrutinized due to the responsibility they have for serving the public at large. Perhaps your organization works in tandem with the public sector? No matter the situation, periodic and random checks of your staff on a rotating basis may bolster your organization’s reputation for excellence and zero tolerance.

In addition, managers and directors are always the last to know! If it has been a long time since you were a line employee, you may remember that management seemed to have one communication style, while the employees had another. As a result, what the employees knew about and assumed to be obvious, the management sometimes had no idea, until it was too late. Since the employees are the lifeblood of any organization, regular screening can help ensure that everyone is on the same page.

In summary, adding a post-employment option to your screening program may help minimize your organization’s risk over the long term. It is important to note that applicable and compliant post-hire consent must be obtained in order to run post-hire checks.

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